I am so grateful for E.V.E & Co!! Raquel was able to put my vision into reality and make it even better than I had imagined. She was so kind and helpful on our initial consultation phone call, and I knew she would be the perfect fit to help me with my brand. I recommend her talent! Thank you so much, Raquel

Caitlen MonnoneWild Resonance

Thank you for your quick and accurate service!

KaraExhale Massage Therapy

Raquel was hired as a subcontractor to which she made life easier! I’m grateful to have had her help. She had a quick turnaround time and no extensive direction was needed. Raquel was eager to get the job done and easy to work with!

Andrea McMurry@drea.and.co

Raquel...was instrumental in creating a Marketing program and grew our followers immensely in a very short period of time, while increasing our likes all over our social media platforms. She also worked as a photographer, videographer... I would not hesitate to recommend Raquel for any position your company has. She will excel in all that she does, and will have fun while doing it.

Ann Lucas

Raquel Duarte for the position in your organization. She has held the paid and volunteer positions that have helped build the foundation for this opportunity. All of her endeavors impacted sales, social media marketing, grow audience, customer service, and increase revenue. Raquel has been a colleague of mine [since 2019]. I know for a fact she is outstanding in all jobs she has been a part of. She worked very closely with me as a strong team of Marketing for Red Leaf Organic Coffee. As you may know, based on her strong dedication, Red Leaf Organic Coffee had quadrupled their locations and extended into two states now. Raquel gave such fantastic customer service. In the sales sector, she was a real example of trust, honesty, and patience and, in the end, a financial achiever in exceeding any goals set before her. Seeing what she has done for our community and customers, and through caring for others, was inspiring and amazing. She brought customers and co-workers to a place of unification, love, compassion, and financial growth. She changed lives internally & externally by being herself. She is honorable, kind, trustworthy, incredibly intelligent, and a genuine person of faith. She is well-organized and has a strong negotiating and closing skillset. She is smart and fierce when it comes to sealing the deal. Raquel is a person everyone wants to know, be friends with or work with.

Kalei LaFave
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